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Marketing Strategy Service

A marketing strategy is essential for any size and type of business, It helps to align your business goals with your marketing activities to ensure results are delivered. A strategic marketing plan will help you to achieve your goals, adapt to change and take advantage of opportunities. 

Outsourcing the creation of your marketing strategy gives an independent view on what is required to meet your business objectives. With expert knowledge and experience I am able to take you through the process of developing a marketing strategy, fully understand your business and needs then create a firm action plan to implement your strategy. 

Marketing Strategy Process


A marketing strategy starts with auditing the current marketing activities and setting a baseline for future plans. We will delve in to get a deeper understanding of the business, your goals and challenges.


This data can then be analysed to fully understand the current situation for the business and your market. The analysis will find what is going well and areas for improvement.



Once we understand the current situation we can start to plan for the future and understand the goals you want to achieve. This work will translate your business objectives into marketing activities.


From here I will collate all of the information we have gathered into a marketing strategy document with clear action plan and objectives for the future.

The benefits of having a marketing strategy 

  • It helps to increase your revenue

  • Cost effective

  • Targeted approach 

  • Aligns with your business goals 

  • Gain understanding on competitors 

  • Helps to keep track and monitor marketing activities 

  • You are targeting the right audience 

  • Aligns with your resource 

  • Helps to understand your business sector

Frequently asked questions on marketing strategy 

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy helps you to achieve your business objectives. Providing strategic aims and planned activities that align with your business sector, services and target audience. 

How will a marketing strategy benefit my business? 

A marketing strategy gives you a clear plan of what is going to help you achieve your goals. Without a plan we can spend time guessing what needs to be done next or utilising the wrong marketing channels. 

Why should I outsource my marketing strategy? 

Outsourcing your marketing strategy creation will give you an independent view on what is required from your marketing to achieve your business goals. You will receive expert knowledge and experience in this sector. 

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