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2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Updated: Apr 6


2020 has been the year none of us could have predicted! From a digital marketing point of view so many changes have been made, companies have had to adapt their strategy very quickly in order to survive and the online world has grown enormously.

So, what do we think 2021 has to offer us? Let’s take a look at some of the 2021 trends that are being predicted for the digital marketing world.

1. Growth of community

We’ve seen a huge growth in the local communities and people pulling together to help each other. The focus has changed from ‘me’ to ‘us’ from a personal point of view and a business one in order to survive. This trend is set to continue through 2021 with more local shopping, online interaction and community groups. This is an opportunity from brands to work together, form a partnership and help each other.

Interactive online content will be key to help conversations continue and people to see the face behind the brand. Restrictions may still be in place for some time so home delivery and ease of online shopping will still be a requirement. The change from ‘me’ to ‘us’ will also see businesses working together and forming working relationships to help each other.

2. Content burnout

2020 has seen a huge growth in online interaction and an increased amount of content but we need to be careful this doesn’t lead to aimlessly scrolling and missing your business. Brands will need to work harder to stand out and grab people’s attention.

The content should be value driven and linking to that community spirit we have previously discussed. How can you help others not sell to them? Interaction should be key, having that online conversation with your audience so you can both be learning about each other.

3. Visual search for imagery and videos

Video content is still having a huge impact and this year has only accelerated that. Where we have not been able to have that face to face interaction with our customers, video has been a way to do this. Imagery will always play a key part as well to help your customers see your products and aid their buying decision.

We also need to think about the SEO value images and videos have for us. So how can you optimise them for search? Think about what your customers are searching for when they look for your products and create keywords. Utilise these keywords in your file name and alt tags. And always ensure your images are the best quality you can produce so the customer can clearly see your product.

4. Shop local

Shopping local has never been more important to help those smaller retailers stay in business through this difficult period. Google has done a big campaign for shop local this year which you may have seen the TV adverts for. But as the high street slowly disappears could 2021 be the year for local / smaller retail outlets to succeed?

If that’s you get prepared for this next year by making sure your online presence is up to date. Look at online directories and ensure all of your listings are claimed and up to date with the latest information such as phone number, location, opening hours, social profiles etc. This could be Google My Business, social media profiles, Bing, Yelp or local directories you can normally find by searching your business name.

5. Time to review your social channels

2020 has seen a change in the features available and the way we use social media. It has been a big year for TikTok in which we have seen the app really take off. Instagram introduced Reels a new way to create short, fun videos. Facebook shop has been tested so users can make purchases within the app. Also, Pinterest have been rolling out there shopping features making it easier for users to shop from their pins.

So, with all these changes and a higher demand around social media in 2020 is it time to review your platforms? Are the social platforms you are using still correct? And what new features have been released you need to add to your strategy? As the new year is a time for reflection and setting goals, this is possibly the area for you to review.


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