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Branding Questionnaire

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


Branding is one of the most valuable things a company can have. Helping you to create a clear understand of your business, create brand ambassadors of your staff, deliver a consistent message to your audience and grow your sales.

If you want to understand more about brand management and the journey a customer goes through with your brand, click here for my brand management blog post.

This blog post will look at questions that will help you build your brand and help you gain more understanding. Whether you use this to build your brand internally or collate the information for a marketing agency to complete the full brand process. It's up to you. Try to fill this out yourself and if you have a team get different departments to complete it as well so you can gather different views and opinions.

Your story

Why did you start your business? What is the story?

In one sentence sum up what you provide.

What is your company’s personality like?

What do you like about your current brand?

What do you dislike about your current brand?

What message do you need your brand to communicate?

List 5 words to describe your company.

Market research

Name some brands you like and explain why?

Who are your competitors?

How are you different from your competitors?

Your brand identity

What colour represents your brand?

What colour do you not want to associate with your brand?

What words would you use to describe the brand image?

Customer base

What do your customers think of your brand?

What emotions do your customers feel about your brand?

How are you helping your customers and what problem do you solve?

Who is your ideal customer? Describe them in detail what they do, demographics, age, likes, dislikes.

Describe your customers in 4 words.

How do you show your customers you care?

Your why

We developed the business because…

Our customers tell us…

This means the world to us because…

The vision for the future is…

Which means…


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