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Different ways to create content for Instagram

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


User generated content (UGC) is any content or image that your audience creates rather than you. This content maybe come through as a review and you share the message on your feed, a video demonstrating the product, or a comment giving you feedback.

User generated content is a great way to extend your marketing through others talking about you and it can potentially increase your followers as new people hear this news and discover your account.

I ran a UGC competition recently which is a great example of how this can work well for your business. To enter the competition and a chance to win a prize I asked people to answer a question on why they used a particular service and the benefits of it. I had an incredible amount of entries which generated a lot of content explaining why this service was used and the benefits it brought to those people. Not only were these comments visible throughout my social feed I utilised this content to create a second marketing campaign demonstrating the benefits of using this company and how they have helped people.

That’s two marketing campaigns there for the price of one! It created unique content, glowing reviews and overall increased engagement with the social channels and followers.

There are lots of ways you can get your audience to create content for you. This could be competitions like the above example, asking for reviews or their opinion or get them to share photos and use a particular hashtag. If you take a look at Airbnb on Instagram all of their posts are user generated from the places that people have visited.

To share other peoples content on our own feed we have the share button on Facebook, the retweet option on Twitter and then on Instagram we have the regram option. Regramming is a little more involved than other channels. You can either copy the image and create a new post or there are apps that enable you to regram more easily. Instagram’s aim is to create original content so it is not as easy as other channels although still possible.

Remember if you do share other people’s content always ask for permission to do this. Credit the original user by tagging them into the post, or show credit on the image, don’t edit or filter their content and make sure you listen to how they want this managed.

As well as working with your audience to create content look to work with other companies and show interaction with them. People like it when they see brands interacting with each other. You could work with other companies to create a marketing campaign, this sharing the workload. Or things as simple as liking, sharing, commenting or tagging each other in posts will all help to show that relationship between two companies and widen the reach of your posts.

Social media can take time to manage but ideas like these will all help to reduce the work, generate you ideas and increase your reach.


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