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How to adapt your marketing during COVID-19

Updated: Dec 12, 2022


After leading a virtual networking event last week talking about how to adapt your marketing during COVID19 I thought it would be worth jotting down the points we discussed and sharing these to others. It is a difficult time for all businesses and a lot will change this year, so the more equipped we are with information and knowledge the better!

This first topic we looked at was change management. We are all going through a period of change with the current pandemic and a lot is unknown. If we look at the elements of change we know communication and knowledge plays a key role. A lot of people fear change due to the unknown and this is where the change process becomes a bumpy road and you face resistance. The more communication that is given and the more people understand change the smoother that process becomes and the easier it is to adapt.

The pandemic brings with it an unknown change with no idea when this may end or what it will look like when it does which is where we have difficulties, the not knowing. It is at this stage that we need to break down the process and prepare ourselves with as much information as we can right now.

That knowledge can help to save our businesses and adapt for the future. We need to be able to take time and sit back from the day to day tasks to gain knowledge and strategically plan so we are not narrowing our scope and missing opportunities. Knowledge can come in many different forms such as some of the points below:

  • Gain knowledge over your competitors, understand who they are, what changes they are taking, how might they react to the future. How are they communication with their customers and what engagement are they getting.

  • Look around your environment both internally and externally to see how others are coping, changes in the environment, support available. Auditing these environments can give you insights as to where change is and enable you to react quicker to identify opportunities.

  • Look at your offering how can you adapt this, increase your offering, gain new skills.

  • I’ve heard of people going back through old projects and seeing how they could have improved on these, what could you have done differently? Was there an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell? Think of this as a learning process on how to improve for the future.

  • A good point I read on the CIM website was looking at this time as an extension to a deadline. If you have more time to deliver a project what can you do with it?

Companies may be reluctant to put long term plans in place at the moment and I’ve heard of people close to winning contracts before the lockdown and now everything has gone quiet. Its such an uncertain time and so difficult to see how those long-term plans may evolve. With this in mind we have to be flexible with our approach to see how we can help right now and over the next few weeks or month not planning the next few years.

To do this our marketing needs to be more personalised and targeted. Can you focus on a particular industry and show the knowledge you have and the steps you can take to specifically help them? You see a lot of generic marketing advertising a business and explaining who they are and what services they provide. People don’t want to hear about you they want to know how you can help them. Putting yourself in the customers shoes is the term.

This is where content in your marketing is going to be more important than ever. You need a clear message and be sensitive with the words you use. Your content and approach needs to be consistent. When someone first seem a post on say LinkedIn it may not be relevant at that time but keeping in the forefront of their mind is essential for when they are ready and need your services. Keep delivering your marketing, it might not have an instant reaction but will be worthwhile.

We need to be consistent with our brand and values and not lose these, at the end of the day this is what a business is built on. But how can you change during this time. Can you offer help, give something for free? This could be as simple as writing an article giving advice on something you would normally charge for. Offer to provide a service as a one off for free or at a discounted price.

Those who give help now will be remembered and it is also good to be building new connections. Look back at old connections you maybe have not worked with for a while, could you reach out to them and rebuild those relationships. People are ready to talk and happy to have conversations at the moment so now is the right time to build on this.


In summary the message throughout the networking event was learning how to change your approach so your marketing continues to strive. Build on what you can provide and use this time wisely to expand your skills and offering. And don’t forget to talk to people, reach out, build connections now is a time people are realising how important it is to have connections.


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