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Mind Mapping Books

Updated: Jul 15

Mind mapping book reviews

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of work you have, stuck for direction or creative input or looked for alternative ways to work then mind mapping could be the solution for you.

Mind mapping can help inspire creativity, boost your productivity and help to order information in a strategic approach. It can help in any role or size of business, from day to day tasks through to strategy creation.

So why not read on and learn more about the mind mapping books I have read and reviewed.

Mind Maps for Business Tony Buzan

Book: Mind Maps for Business by Tony Buzon

Read this book to help with:

  • Alternative, creative ways to brainstorm and generate ideas.

  • Ways to manage your time and be more organised.

  • Better strategic direction, negotiation and growth.

About the book...

Tony Buzan has many books on mind mapping however this ones specifically focuses on business. Not just aimed at leaders but any role that wants to find new ways of working, creativity and growth. The principles of mind mapping allow you to explore situations and ideas in an open and creative format.

The book starts with an introduction to mind mapping, explaining the thinking behind the tool and illustrating how mind mapping can help you and your business. Mind maps are often referred to as 'the swiss army knife for the brain' and can revolutionise the way we think and conduct our work.

Part two looks at how mind mapping can help streamline your strategies, facilitate communication and negotiation between individuals. It doesn't matter how big or small the business is these strategies can be utilised to help you think, plan and conduct tasks.

Part three looks at how individuals can use mind mapping for idea generation, brainstorming and creative solutions. It helps to be more focused, organised and take a smarter approach on tasks.

The ultimate outcome is better business decisions aiding growth and sales.

Quotes from the book

“A mind map marked up with your to do list allows you to view and review your tasks – what you need to prioritise according to deadlines and what you can realistically achieve against what is not achievable or viable in the timescale.”

“Successful negotiation will allow both sides to reach an agreement that enables them to create a new mind map, a new territory, which is neutral. In order to achieve this goal you need to jot down your facts, statistics, ideas – whatever information you need to structure a convincing argument onto a mind map. Laying out your thoughts in this way helps you to visualise a win win strategy and then go onto implement it, using the mind map as your reference during your negotiation.”

“Using mind maps can really help you become more strategic in your approach to sales and can clarify the way in which you handle preparation, presentation and follow up.”

Summary on Mind Maps for Business

Mind mapping can help your business in all aspects from day to day tasks such as minute taking and organising your time. Through to strategic direction, negotiation and increasing sales.

Mind mapping moves you from linear thinking to an open creative space.

Buzan is a great author who has written many books on mind mapping over the years. His books share powerful techniques to help in business and your personal life.


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