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The Best Books on Problem Solving

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

problem solving books

Problem solving can often leave us terrified and with so many questions - where did the problem come from? How do we resolve this? How big is the problem? Who can help?

Having the ability to analyse a problem and come up with a workable solution is helpful in all job roles and aspects of our life's. So lets delve into some of the books that might help us reduce the panic of a problem and take a strategic approach to working out the right solution going forward.

The Creative Problem Solver Book Review

Book: The Creative Problem Solver by Ian Atkinson

Read this book to help with:

  • Identify, understand and find opportunity with problems you face

  • Practical problem-solving tools

  • Ways to find success from uncertainty

About the book...

The book starts with some fantastic real life examples of how people have used problem solving to find opportunities, turning a negative into a positive.

The introduction really grabbed my attention with these stories and encouraged me to read on. The rest of the book is broken down into three sections – insights, innovation and inspiration.

Part one gives you an insight into problem solving and the way the brain works with this. Think of this as the theory behind problem solving. It looks at how we gravitate towards finding patterns and utilising past experiences and how this can hold us back.

Part two is the main section of the book. It gives you 12 creative thinking tools to help solve problems, find opportunities and innovate. Each of the 12 creative tools give you an introduction, visual, theory, action and summary. With handy problem-solving tips slotted in along the way.

Part three builds on these 12 tools you have gained and looks at how to now take action. It discusses how to successfully run a problem-solving workshop and how to get the most from the workshop and your team.

Quotes from the book

“successfully solving problems, seizing opportunities and innovating isn't about following a dry, dusty process. It's about being in the ‘right frame of mind’. It's about thinking creatively.”

“Random insertion is a useful tool when you want a very different answer; a solution far from iterative and which is unlikely to be arrived at with any other kind of problem solving.”

“having the problem visible at all times will help keep everyone on brief, looking at a standardised expression of the problem, not the version of it they keep in their own head.”

The Creative Problem Solver Conclusion

A great book to help solve problems and find opportunities. Turning a negative problem into a positive workable solution. Easy to read with great stories along the way and a good mixture of theory and practical advice.

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