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The Ultimate PPC Guide

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

If you are looking to learn more about PPC campaigns to either feel more confident about investing into online advertising or you want some handy hints and tips to create your own campaign then this guide has got you covered.

The PPC guide starts by helping you understand the requirements for your landing page and how to source the best keywords. We walk through the ad creation process and how to optimise ads when live. Then finishing with remarketing to help increase conversions.


PPC Landing page optimisation

Increasing conversions for your PPC campaign with an improved landing page experience. Looking at design, A/B testing, content and clear call to action.


Keyword research

How to conduct keyword research for your PPC campaign, planning and researching your keywords, negative keywords and what tools to use.


PPC ad creation

Hands on guide to creating your PPC ad campaign looking at the content of your ads, keywords, budget, extensions and the best tips to spend less and see more results.


Optimising your PPC campaign

The top 5 ways to enhance your PPC campaign looking at budget, keywords, audience, ad content and ad extensions.


Remarketing ads guide

Understand the options available via remarketing, how this works, the channels you can use and the benefits to help increase your ROI.

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